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Started as the Toyo Cork Kogyo Co. in Hiroshima, Japan, in 1920, this company produced its first vehicle, a motorized rickshaw, in 1931. While Mazda was not the corporate name until the 1980s, its automobiles all bore that name. One of the first was a tiny, 838-lb four-seater sedan called the R360 in 1960. It was followed by the popular Carol model in 1962, which was eventually leased for production by Mitsubishi and other manufacturers. Both were key cars or the smallest highway-legal production vehicles. The company later collaborated with a German company, NSU, to produce Wankel engines, which substitute a rotary design for conventional pistons in internal combustion engines. Its two-seater sports coupe, the Cosmo Sport, debuted in 1967, and by 1970, Mazda entered the American market.

The Wenkel engine design suffered a severe setback and near bankruptcy in the mid-1970s oil crisis as rotary engines consumed more fuel than conventional engines, but the company recouped its place and continued making popular rotary engine cars, including the popular, sporty, rear-wheel-drive RX-7 that was made from 1978-2002. In the midst of this successful period, the company finally changed its name to Mazda in 1984. Ford Motor Co. owned nearly a quarter of Mazda from 1974-2008 when it began divesting its shares. The partnership with Ford produced several cooperative projects, including the Escort and Probe sedans and Ranger and Explorer pickup trucks sold in the U.S.

Quick Facts

  • Mazda MAZDA6 is the most-recalled Mazda vehicle
  • Mazda 323 is the least expensive car from Mazda starting from $ 6,149.00
  • Mazda Tribute Hybrid has an MPG of 34 miles/gallon / 30 miles/gallon which is the highest gas mileage in the city and on highways
  • Mazda CX-30 has the most trims available with 16 variations released

Number of Mazda Sales in the United States

Mazda U.S. Sales Reports - By Month

Year Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
2015 20,271 25,650 32,123 24,123 29,606 27,223 27,157 29,938 25,616 25,451 22,732 29,294
2016 19,703 21,544 23,396 26,195 28,328 26,188 27,915 26,109 24,889 22,711 22,041 28,754
2017 21,698 22,824 24,549 24,164 26,047 22,342 27,089 25,846 25,738 20,811 21,469 26,893
2018 24,962 25,731 33,302 23,056 29,980 26,893 24,125 25,816 21,257 18,673 20,660 25,870
2019 20,045 23,854 26,934 19,702 25,192 22,828

Mazda Car Sales in The United States from 2015 to 2019

Year Car Sales
2015 319,184
2016 297,773
2017 289,470
2018 300,325
2019 138,555

Average Pricing for Mazda Popular models

Popular Mazda Models Average Price
CX-5 $ 26,627.33
626 $ 16,945.20
Protege $ 13,533.53
Tribute $ 22,613.86
CX-7 $ 25,112.07
B-Series $ 12,039.34
MAZDA2 $ 15,365.96
Millenia $ 28,972.51
MAZDASPEED3 $ 23,391.15
Truck $ 17,409.85
MX-6 $ 15,621.86
MAZDASPEED6 $ 29,268.19
CX-3 $ 23,630.27
929 $ 27,286.83

Interesting Facts About Mazda


Henry D.G. Wallace, the president of Mazda installed in 1996 when Ford held the majority of shares in the company, was the first non-Japanese president of a Japanese automaker.


In 1931 one of the early vehicles produced under the Mazda name was a three-wheeled truck called Mazda-Go. It was so successful in the Japanese market that it was produced for 14 years until the onset of World War II when the company switched its manufacturing to guns.


A Mazda was the first and only Japanese vehicle to win the coveted 24 Hours of Le Mans race in 1991 – and with a rotary engine. It was a won by a performance vehicle, the Mazda 787B.


Mazda’s SkyActiv technology is a collection of technologies that allow a vehicle to be run with high efficiency. Several changes were made to vehicles that have this feature, including improved suspension, redesigned exhaust manifold, direct fuel injection, and an increased compression ratio for higher fuel efficiency. The innovation won the Japan Society for Mechanical Engineers award.


With 1.6 million vehicles produced per year, Mazda ranks about 17th worldwide in auto production. It is fifth among Japanese automakers, behind Suzuki, Nissan, Honda, and Toyota (first in the world). Mazda produces about 400,000 more vehicles per year than Mitsubishi.


In the 1970s, Mazda sold mostly pickup trucks in the United States, and many wore Ford names. Its own Rotary Pickup had a Wenkel engine and sold about 15,000 units from 1974-1977. The Ford Courier was also made by Mazda and introduced in the U.S. in 1972. Both were produced through 1985. Many of the Mazda pickups were called “B series” for their model numbers that started with “B.”

How to Identify and Decode Mazda VINs


World Manufacturer Identifier

The first three digits of a U.S. VIN number are called the World Manufacturer Identifier (WMI). The WMI provides details about the country of origin and the manufacturing company that sold the vehicle. The WMI is assigned by the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) and is regulated by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA).

Mazda owners can visit the NHTSA VIN number Recall Lookup to identify if the vehicle they own is part of a safety recall.

Mazda vehicles use the following three-digit WMI codes.

MAZDA 1ZW AutoAlliance International (USA) FORD 1Z USA
MAZDA 4F2 Ford Motor Company (USA) FORD 4F USA
MAZDA 4F4 Ford Motor Company (USA) FORD 4F USA
MAZDA 9FA Compania Colombiana Automotriz SA (COL) FORD 9F Colombia
MAZDA LMZ Changan Ford Mazda FORD LM China

The digits in positions four through eight identify specifics of the vehicle, including the trim and model, engine, and safety equipment.


Mazda uses the following codes in the fourth position for U.S. vehicles to denote weight and safety equipment.

C 1814 - 2268 kg, front and side airbags
D 2268 - 2721 kg, front and side airbags
Y 1814 - 2268 kg, only two front airbags
Z 2268 - 2721 kg, only two front airbags

U.S. Mazda vehicles identify the specific model using positions five through seven. The codes Mazda uses are as follows:

B28 CX-9, AWD
B38 CX-9, Sport
P19 Premacy
P80 Mazda 6 GS (4dv sedan)
P81 Mazda 6, the GT (sedan 4dv)
P82 Mazda 6 (touring 5dv)
P84 Mazda 6 GS (hatchback 5dv)
P85 6 Mazda GT (hatchback 5dv)
R19 5 Mazda
R29 CX-7
U06 Tribute 4x4 & DX
U07 Tribute 4x2 DX
U08 Tribute 4x4 & LX
U09 Tribute 4x2 LX
Z02 Tribute 4x2 LX
Z04 Tribute 4x2 LX
Z06 Tribute 4x2 ES
Z92 Tribute 4x4 & DX
Z94 Tribute 4x4 & LX
Z96 Tribute 4x4 ES

The VIN character in position eight for U.S. Mazda vehicles denotes the engine installed by the factory. The following codes are used.

1 3.0 V6, petrol (Tribute)
3 2.3 R4, gasoline turbocharged (CX)
A 3.7 V6, petrol (CX 9)
B 2.0 R4, petrol (Tribute)
C 3.5 V6, petrol (Tribute)
C 2.3 R4, petrol (Mazda 6)
D 3.0 V6, petrol (Mazda 6)
F 2.0 R4, petrol (MX-5, III)
Y 3.5 V6, petrol (CX-9)
Z 2.3 R4 petrol (Tribute)

The character in position nine is the check digit. This will be a value between 0 and 9, or the letter X. This represents the result of an algorithm that can be used to verify the authenticity of a VIN number.


Position 10 is used by Mazda to denote the year of vehicle manufacture.

A 1980, 2010
B 1981, 2011
C 1982, 2012
D 1983, 2013
E 1984, 2014
F 1985, 2015
G 1986, 2016
H 1987, 2017
J 1988, 2018
K 1989, 2019
L 1990, 2020
M 1991, 2021
N 1992, 2022
P 1993, 2023
R 1994, 2024
S 1995, 2025
T 1996, 2026
U 1997, 2027
W 1998, 2028
X 1999, 2029
Y 2000, 2030
1 2001, 2031
2 2002, 2032
3 2003, 2033
4 2004, 2034
5 2005, 2035
6 2006, 2036
7 2007, 2037
8 2008, 2038
9 2009, 2039

Position 11 identifies the specific Mazda factory that built the vehicle. The codes used for Mazda factories are as follows.

0 Hiroshima, Japan
1 Hofu, Japan
K Kansas City (United States)

Mazda uses position 12 through 17 as the vehicle’s unique serial number. This number allows the manufacturing company to identify where in a line of production the specific vehicle was built. Serial numbers are not consecutive.

Safety and Recalls for Mazda Cars

A problem with the engine software has prompted a recall of the following models due to a possible stall while the engine is engaged:

  • 2018 and 2019 Mazda CX-5 SUV,
  • 2018 and 2019 Mazda6 sedan, and
  • 2019 Mazda3 sedan and hatchback.

A serious issue with stalling and potential engine fires prompted Mazda to issue an immediate recall on 2015-2016 Mazda3 sedans – and even to stop all sales as well as to promise free rental vehicles to owners affected. Over 14,000 vehicles were affected by this fuel shut off valve issue.

The engine may stall unexpectedly in 2014 Mazda3 and 2014-20115 Mazda6 vehicles, prompting a recall of the models so that software can be updated.

Nearly 100,000 2014-2015 Mazda6 vehicles have been recalled fixing an issue with the tire pressure monitoring system. Under certain circumstances, the system may not detect a drop, in tire pressure.

The immediate risk of overfilling the fuel tank on 2014 Mazda6 vehicles prompted a recall of 19,000 cars. Overflow from the fuel tank could leak into an area of the engine where it has the potential to ignite.

Mazda Recalls

Mazda had 870 from 1980 to 2021 of which the most recalled model is 2013 Mazda Mazda6 and the least is 1985 Mazda GLC. Mazda had the most recalled during 2019.

Model Number of Recalls
2013 Mazda Mazda6 #1 with most recalls 9
2002 Mazda MPV #2 with most recalls 4
1993 Mazda RX-7 #3 with most recalls 4
2001 Mazda MPV #4 with most recalls 3
1997 Mazda Protege #5 with most recalls 2
2001 Mazda Tribute #6 with most recalls 16
1991 Mazda 929 #7 with most recalls 1
1987 Mazda 626 #8 with most recalls 1
1985 Mazda GLC #9 with most recalls 1

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