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The Honda brand has been around for more than 70 years. It was founded by mechanic Soichiro Honda as an auto engine part manufacturer. The company dabbled in motors for bicycles, then motorcycles, becoming the world’s largest motorcycle manufacturer by 1964. Its first automobile, a small pickup truck, was produced in 1963, and the company created an aircraft manufacturing division in 1993. The brand’s luxury models, sold under the name Acura, have seen sales fall from about 63,000 per year to fewer than 50,000 in 2018. Its all-time sales record in the United States was over 1.6 million vehicles in 2018, putting it in fifth place among all consumer vehicle brands but about 1 million sales behind its rival Toyota.

Quick Facts

  • Honda Accord Hybrid is the most-recalled Honda vehicle
  • Honda Civic is the least expensive car from Honda starting from $ 6,285.00
  • Honda Insight has an MPG of 61 miles/gallon / 70 miles/gallon which is the highest gas mileage in the city and on highways
  • Honda Civic has the most trims available with 192 variations released

Number of Honda Sales in the United States

Honda U.S. Sales Reports - By Month

Year Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
2015 90,202 92,474 111,623 115,194 137,551 118,870 131,409 140,178 119,046 115,572 103,197 134,070
2016 90,247 106,213 123,369 132,623 133,547 127,363 139,125 135,325 120,842 113,292 111,308 143,329
2017 97,178 110,822 125,531 124,254 134,475 125,755 136,803 132,883 129,776 114,655 120,440 134,255
2018 95,634 104,588 128,855 113,813 140,250 132,031 125,355 132,831 119,157 108,558 106,481 138,341
2019 96,375 102,926 134,101 114,088 131,985 123,753

Honda Car Sales in The United States from 2015 to 2019

Year Car Sales
2015 1,409,386
2016 1,476,583
2017 1,486,827
2018 1,445,894
2019 703,228

Average Pricing for Honda Popular models

Popular Honda Models Average Price
Crosstour $ 33,849.94

Interesting Facts About Honda


The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s 1994-2010 ranking of the ten most fuel-efficient vehicles sold in the United States included five Hondas; the most recent fuel efficiency data puts the Honda Odyssey minivan on the list as well.


Honda’s first U.S. plant was opened in Marysville, Ohio in 1984. In 2014 the automaker exported about 20,000 more Honda vehicles from the U.S. than it imported, primarily to markets in Central and South America.


The company now has 14 plants in the U.S., Canada, and Mexico. One in North Carolina primarily makes motorcycles and lawnmowers for the American market. The company employs more than 26,000 Americans.


The Civic is the second-oldest model line for a Japanese manufacturer, with its rival the Toyota Corolla being the oldest.


At the same time, the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety named the Honda Pilot, CRV, and Acura RDX to its list of 20 safest SUVs in 2019.


Among the unusual vehicles that Honda produces is Mean Mower, a ride-on lawnmower that can go from 0 to 60 mph in about 6.5 seconds. One version of the mower is capable of reaching speeds of up to 150 mph.


Honda makes over 140 million engines, and its engines have won more Indy 500 races than any other engine.


Aside from vehicles, Honda is one of the largest exporters of American soybeans. The company decided to get into this business because it made more sense than sending empty ships across the ocean after delivering vehicles. The company also says it believes in investing in American products.

How to Identify and Decode Honda VINs



The first three characters in the VIN are known as the World Manufacturer Identifier (WMI). The WMI provides information about the vehicle, including what the company made it and where the vehicle originated.

Honda uses the following WMI codes:

1HF Honda of America Mfg., Inc. –­ Honda, Motorcycle
1HG Honda of America Mfg., Inc. –­ Honda, Passenger car
19U Honda of America Mfg., Inc. –­ Acura, Passenger car
19X Honda of America Mfg., Inc. –­ Honda, Passenger car
2HG Honda of Canada Mfg., Inc. –­ Honda, Passenger car
2HH Honda of Canada Mfg., Inc. –­ Acura, Passenger car
2HK Honda of Canada Mfg., Inc. –­ Honda, Multi purpose passenger vehicle
2HJ Honda of Canada Mfg., Inc. –­ Honda, Truck
2HN Honda of Canada Mfg., Inc. –­ Acura, Multi purpose passenger vehicle
2HU Honda of Canada Mfg., Inc. –­ Acura, Truck
3HG Honda de México S.A. de C.V. –­ Honda, Passenger car
3H1 Honda de México S.A. de C.V. –­ Honda, Motorcycle
478 Honda of America Mfg., Inc. –­ Honda, All-Terrain vehicle
5J6 Honda of America Mfg., Inc. –­ Honda, Multi purpose passenger vehicle
5J7 Honda of America Mfg., Inc. –­ Honda, Truck
5J8 Honda of America Mfg., Inc. –­ Acura, Multipurpose passenger vehicle
5J0 Honda of America Mfg., Inc. –­ Acura, Truck
5KB Honda Manufacturing of Alabama, LLC –­ Honda, Passenger car
5KC Honda Manufacturing of Alabama, LLC –­ Acura, Passenger car
5FN Honda Manufacturing of Alabama, LLC –­ Honda, Multipurpose passenger vehicle
5FP Honda Manufacturing of Alabama, LLC –­ Honda, Truck
5FR Honda Manufacturing of Alabama, LLC –­ Acura, Multipurpose passenger vehicle
5FS Honda Manufacturing of Alabama, LLC –­ Acura, Truck
8CH Honda Motor de Argentina S.A. - "Honda," Motorcycle (HRV SUV until octuber,2019)
93H Honda Automoveis do Brasil Ltda. –­ Honda, Passenger car
9C2 Moto Honda da Amazônia Ltda. –­ Honda, Motorcycle
JHF Honda Motor Co., Ltd.
JHG Honda Motor Co., Ltd.
JHM Honda Motor Co., Ltd. –­ Honda, Passenger car
JHL Honda Motor Co., Ltd. –­ Honda, Multipurpose passenger vehicle
JHN Honda Motor Co., Ltd.
JHZ Honda Motor Co., Ltd.
JH1 Honda Motor Co., Ltd. –­ Honda, Truck
JH2 Honda Motor Co., Ltd. –­ Honda, Motorcycle
JH4 Honda Motor Co., Ltd. –­ Acura, Passenger car
JH5 Honda Motor Co., Ltd.
LUC Honda Automobile (China) Co., Ltd. –­ Honda, Passenger car
MAK Honda Siel Cars India Ltd. –­ Honda, Passenger car
MHR PT Honda Prospect Motor Indonesia –­ Honda, Passenger car
MLH Thai Honda Manufacturing Co., Ltd. –­ Honda, Motorcycle
MRH Thai Honda Manufacturing Co., Ltd. –­ Honda, Passenger car
PAD Honda Cars Philippines Inc. –­ Honda, Multipurpose passenger vehicle
PMH Honda Malaysia Sdn. Bhd. –­ Honda, Passenger car
NLA Honda Türkiye A.Ş. –­ Honda, Passenger car
SHH Honda of the UK Mfg., Ltd. –­ Honda, Passenger car
SHS Honda of the UK Mfg., Ltd. –­ Honda, Multipurpose passenger vehicle
VTM Montesa Honda S.A. –­ Honda, Motorcycle
YC1 Honda Belgium NV –­ Honda, Motorcycle
ZDC Honda Italia Industriale SpA –­ Honda, Motorcycle

Positions Four through Eight are used to identify specific vehicle attributes. Honda uses these three positions in different ways based on current models, engines, and trim levels. In many cases, the codes were changed every three years. Graphical representation of all the possible combinations is not possible.


Position Seven and Eight identify the model type, transmission, and trim level-or some combination depending on the year. These codes often change meaning from one year to the next.


All U.S. vehicles use the digit in Position Nine as a check digit. This check digit is used to validate a VIN. The Check digit represents a fractional or decimal result of a mathematical algorithm.


Position 10 is the Model Year identifier. The model year and the year of manufacture are not always the same, however.

A 1980, 2010
B 1981, 2011
C 1982, 2012
D 1983, 2013
E 1984, 2014
F 1985, 2015
G 1986, 2016
H 1987, 2017
J 1988, 2018
K 1989, 2019
L 1990, 2020
M 1991, 2021
N 1992, 2022
P 1993, 2023
R 1994, 2024
S 1995, 2025
T 1996, 2026
U 1997, 2027
W 1998, 2028
X 1999, 2029
Y 2000, 2030
1 2001, 2031
2 2002, 2032
3 2003, 2033
4 2004, 2034
5 2005, 2035
6 2006, 2036
7 2007, 2037
8 2008, 2038
9 2009, 2039

Position 11 identifies the specific plant at which the Honda vehicle was built. Honda uses these codes:

A Marysville, Ohio, USA
B Lincoln, Alabama, USA
C Sayama, Saitama, Japan
E Greensburg, Indiana, USA
G El Salto, Jalisco, Mexico
H Alliston, Ontario, Canada
L East Liberty, Ohio, USA
M Celaya, Guanajuato, Mexico
P Ayutthaya, Thailand
S Suzuka, Mie, Japan
T Utsunomiya, Tochigi, Japan
U Swindon, Wiltshire, U.K.

Position 12 through 17 are the vehicle serial number. The serial number is unique to each vehicle and can be used to identify the sequence in production at a specific plant. It should be noted that serial numbers are not sequential. A larger number does not indicate a later production date.

Safety and Recalls for Honda Cars

The most significant safety issue to face Honda brand vehicles in its history is ongoing. The recall is for Takata airbags, which have been documented to inflate prematurely and to send shrapnel from inferior inflators into the bodies of drivers and passengers. This recall affects nearly 34 million vehicles in the United States. Models and years affected include:

  • 2001-2007 and 2009 Accord.
  • 2001-2005 Civic.
  • 2002-2007 and 2010-2011 CR-V.
  • 2003-2011 Element.
  • 2007 Fit.
  • 2002-2004 Odyssey.
  • 2003-2008 Pilot.
  • 2006-2014 Ridgeline.

Sudden braking that the driver cannot control prompted a recall of 250,000 Honda vehicles. This recall affected all SUVs, and was attributed to new electronics.

Accord hybrid sedans have a recall to fix a stalling engine on 2014-2016 models, which affects about 6,700 vehicles.

Honda Recalls

Honda had 6773 from 1980 to 2024 of which the most recalled model is 2008 Honda GL1800 and the least is 1993 Honda CBR900RR. Honda had the most recalled during 2019.

Model Number of Recalls
2008 Honda GL1800 #1 with most recalls 5
2001 Honda Passport #2 with most recalls 3
2004 Honda VFR800 #3 with most recalls 2
2008 Honda Accord #4 with most recalls 16
1993 Honda Civic #5 with most recalls 13
1993 Honda CBR900RR #6 with most recalls 1

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